"Chai Caddy (2 Glass Candles)"

Product Description

Nothing can be more beautiful than the first drops of rains in the mountains. Invigorate your senses while we take you back to the warmth of the hands, wrapped around the chai glass while sipping on it in the pitter patter of the rains.

Each container is lovingly hand-painted and handcrafted by our expert artisans making each piece unique and one of a kind!

Wax Qty : 12 ounces

Size: 5.5" L * 2.5" W* 7.5" H

Burn Time:  65 - 75 hours

Fragrance: Ginger & Patchouli

Packaging: Individually Gift Boxed

 Shipping: 7 to 10 days

₹899.00 INR